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Staying ahead of the shifting marketing landscape

At creative excellence we understand the extended impact that the global pandemic is having on business survival and long term sustainability.

With over two decades experience in branding, business and marketing strategy development, we offer a professional consulting service to help identify and implement the tailored solutions needed to keep you in business post COVID.

We’re living through an unprecedented era

The global disruption which kicked off a decade of volatility and uncertainty, COVID set off a series of lifestyle and economic trends that very few of us saw coming.

As the world grapples to come to grips with the reality of a real-life pandemic, marketers from every nation, industry and organisational structure are all still faced with the same question – How do we survive this?

Sadly, the market place has taken a massive hit. As the boundaries to our everyday existence continue to shift hour by hour, we face an overwhelming surge of uncertainty that remains unprecedented.

Whilst we have at our fingertips a library of traditional business principles that will always remain foundational to the structure of our strategic core, marketing through a pandemic will take us through uncharted waters requiring a new, focused level of intentionality for sustainability and success.

Digital transformation has had a marked impact on how we live, communicate and engage with the world around us.

Strategy, Solution, Success

At creative excellence we provide an unbiased consulting service that releases valuable insights into both the real and perceived data surrounding your business’s current market position and its potential for expansion.

As your business and marketing strategic development consultant, creative excellence gives you total flexibility to select the level of support and investment that best meets your organisations growth and development needs.

Our Consulting Services

As an independent consultant we provide unbiased business services to release valuable insights into both the real and perceived data surrounding your brands current market position and its potential for expansion.













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Creative Intelligence 

Specialising in the high-level forward thinking required to bring clarity and perspective to complex and difficult situations, we provide creative intelligence and strategic solutions that are customised to meet your specific growth plans.


A unique blend of creativity and abstract thinking that drives the development of strategic solutions that are relevant, timely and targeted to meet business growth targets.d.


A highly analytical and forensic approach that is strengthened by significant expertise and specialised insights across a number of business sectors.


A responsive and highly personable partnership with a hands-on approach that fosters clear, concise and meaningful communication across all levels of engagement.








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roslyn whately

Focussed for Success

With over 25 years proven experience as a qualified Marketing Professional, Roslyn Whately boasts a personal portfolio of brand and business development success that spans across a number of business sectors.

Having worked with and alongside global, national and local businesses of all sizes, Roslyn’s strengths lies in her unique blend of specialist knowledge, experience and creativity.

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